2017 - Roger and Rafa Celebration Year - Last Hurrah?


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Ok fans have been saying this for years now but this really did feel like the final push for these two greats. Of course looking at the form they've showed during most of the year you would say they can continue for a good few years playing like they have. But just the fairytale way in which this year has played out leads me to believe this surely must be it now, certainly in terms of consistent dominance. I feel the next gen have been bubbling and simmering this year and I feel 2018 will be the boiling point where one of these young guns will finally break through and initiative the shift that the future of tennis needs. Also added into the mix the return of Novak and Andy will make draws a lot tougher. You would think that these two will have a similar last hurrah that Roger and Rafa has now had at some point in the near future. Perhaps this won't be it and it may continue for another year or two yet, but either way this is a year we must cherish. Looking forward to the indoor season, hopefully Roger comes back firing and brings the number 1 race to a climax at the World Tour Finals.


Nah the next gen is still as pathetic as ever.

Big 3 + wawa to win all majors again IMO.

I'd say Roger has one Wimbledon left in him and Bull 1 or 2 Roland Garros.