2018 ATP Sudden Death League: Rome

They haven't play due to rain delay.

If not much matches will be played today, just to make it easier/non confusing for D3 pick...
D2 R2 are these 4 matches
Gojowczyk vs Sonego
Cecchinato vs Goffin
Kohly vs Sock
Cilic vs Harrison.

D3 matches should be the rest 12 R2 Matches.
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Goffin was 5-1 and started to play like sh*t against CECCHINATO. Now Cecchinato leads 6-5.

I have to stop picking this idiot, chokes a lot.

7-5, just retire already, don't play the 2nd set.
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Goffin once again with a double break. Will he choke in this set as well? Maybe.

EPIC choking from Goffin!:eek:

Epic and classic choking.

Goffin 40-0 to confirm the double break, chokes and now leads 3-1. Amazing.

He didnt waste the opportunity to close the set this time. That's a miracle.

@Krish872007 remember when he played one of the best matches of his life to destroy Berdych 2 years ago? He is even playing in the same court if I'm not wrong :eek:
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