2018 Australian Open R3: Grigor Dimitrov [3] – Andrey Rublev [30]

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  • Who cares, it will be Seppi in the semis anyways.

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Talk Tennis Guru
Money will stomp out dimitrov and nadal

Bakery products as though Paris were occupied again
USO17 comes to mind Rafa vs Rublev.
Rafa does everything like Rublev, only better and w more weapons.
Dimi is a bigger opponent for Rafa.

Tiafoe and Rublev is a toss up imo.


Hall of Fame
Going for the bold pick: Rublev in straight sets, just like the US Open.

Dimitrov has been grossly unimpressive this year, showing shades of pre-2017 form and nothing like what we saw at the O2.


A match in extremely hot condition will generally favor more experienced and accomplished player simply because they tend to be fitter. I wonder if the young Russian will be able to handle the kind of heat he will be under. Dimitrov in 4. The last set will be quick and one-sided.