2018 Basel - ATP 500

Who wins? (Top 8 in order of most likely to win from Ultimate Tennis Statistics)

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Wow, Shapo must have had a rocky start. I just turned it on and it's 5-3 for Cilic. So how many times did Shapo break him? LOL Not surprised Denis lost. The announcers said exactly what I've been saying. He's simply run out of gas. Should not have played this tournament. Oh well. The year will soon be at an end and he can get a well-deserved rest. Also, they said they loved watching the flashes of brilliance he showed out there, and have no doubt his "time will come".
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Good gracious, chill out! He's 19 and he's tired. He's spent for the year. A 19 year old kid playing older, bigger, stronger, more experienced players for 10 months is hard! He's still building up to it.
Congrats to Cilic blnt Shapovalov 64 62, Tough luck Shap drawing Cilic in 1st round. Shaps needs to get a maiden title, several happened this year.

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James Blake discussing how great Fed's first/second serves are because of disguise and placement: "pace isn't the biggest thing, it's variety and placement."