2018 Delray Beach - ATP 250

both are serving fairly well and backing it up once they get the offensive initiative, so it looks like it'll be one of those tight affairs that will swing for whoever is able to grab a chance once it presents itself.
I just don't know if Shapo can beat Chung, I don't think he's quite ready. Chung makes so few UE's and Denis can be really erratic off the ground.

edit: TIAFOE. :eek:
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Watching Denis's return is sometimes real pain but he is through. Serve OK (too many DFs, yet still 54 % of second serve won, therefore probably good enough), little erratic from the ground. No TB, that's good. Just one break per set is somehow standard Denis, on the other hand to win 2 return games with just 18 return points won is clutch job.

Fritz played some good tennis however in few service games left some opening and Denis used them. And on return just wasn't good enough.

2nd ATP semifinale of Denis's career, good for him ;) Probably Chung (would be favourite), maybe Tiafoe (Denis would be favourite). Will see.