2018 French Open QF: RAFA (1) vs DieGOAT (11)

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Sure, someone else brought up 2016 FO but again, there was a guy in the draw that was an unsolvable enigma for Nadal at the time.

He's the title favourite this time with who knows how many chances at slam titles left, a different scenario IMO.

I don't think players being injured or not is a binary condition, sometimes they push through no matter what because they believe it will pay off.
I seriously don't think Nadal considers who's in the draw though, I don't think he would have carried on playing had Djokovic been out


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are you kidding me ?
4 errors in a row including a DF.

Edit : saves BP with a good BH CC forcing the error.


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Kind of expected this. Knew people were overrating his chances this tournament. It's probably not visible to non-Rafa fans but he's slowed considerably since Barcelona and now he's lacking power on his forehand which is devastating for his game. Schwartzman is just the first person to expose these weaknesses now. Only way I see Rafa winning this is if Schwartzman drops his level.

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If Nadal loses would this be a bigger upset than Soderling's win in 2009?
Nah. Nadal hasn't been playing great all tournament. Should have lost a set to Bolelli and Marterer had his moments. Pella and Gasquet were both Garbage. Schwartzman is a step up from those guys.

This Nadal would struggle to beat an in form Thiem, in contrast there was nothing to suggest 2009 Nadal was going to lose to anyone. That was totally out the blue.

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Mark down the fourth game of the second set as the turning point in the match.

Schwartzmann left the door ajar. Only slightly.

You can't do that against Nadal.


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Nadal will still win despite playing like a clown, taking 3 sets off Nadal on clay is still mission impossible in tennis.

Thiem will do it though. :p
Yea man he's looking like he's just trying to get through it and move on to the next match. We'll see though. Not looking good for him and his chances if THIS Nadal shows up. He's going to need a tired Thiem imo. I'm legit worried

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Nadal's serve strangely weak and inaccurate today


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Nadal playing better now. You have to have the ability to overpower him off the court and do it as fast as possible or else he'll outlast you.


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Nadal doesn't want rain in this case. His sore tendons and muscles in his arms will only get worse with time off. Nadal needs some painkillers so that he can start swinging freely.

Never count Nadal out. I still give him a 70% chance of winning this match.