2018 French Open QF: RAFA (1) vs DieGOAT (11)

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They do. But when you're injured, you're injured and can't perform at 100% physically.
I mean the game has changed to be way more physical these days. So the difference at the top level is very small. If an injury makes you lose 10% efficiency - you could be #1 and lose to #20.

I mean this is not Pete Sampras who would still win Wimbledon with a back or stomach muscle issue. Pete had the first strike serve and the best 1-2 offensive in history. What does Nadal have? He is nothing if he can't move at 100% ability.
I think Nadal can still plays his backboard game even when physically impaired, he just can't dominate with his FH or make those insane passing shots. It can't work against the very best or very in-form players on the day but it can still beat lesser competition by sheer consistency.

But yeah fair point regarding Sampras and that time. He could be puking his guts on court or be gassed or injured but the serve winners were still coming down regardless and obviously he had those amazing hands. This era's top stars rely on physicality far more.


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Betting houses now holds Nadal closer to a 50/50 likelihood to beat the field (win the trophy). Which in a sense is still telling, as that's pretty high for a guy who's down a set and a break.


Has any of you ever seen a match between Nadal and Schwartzman? Yes I know the scores, but despite the scoelines of those matches, Schwartzman has always troubled Nadal with his play.
So, given that Nadal's level is pretty poor, it's not surprising he is now losing.

Anyway, I don't know if the rain will do much good to Nadal. If his wrists are really bothering him, he may not even come back on court.


assuming diego wins the 2nd set, which I think is still a long shot given the delay and all and well since rafa is still the favorite imo, do y'all think its still NID nadal


I wonder how djokovic feels today
Prolly not good,he had many opportunities that went down the drain, His level of play is top 20 and thats about it,,he is not inspired and increasing his level of play is not there, Vajda has his work cut out for him.

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Nadal is a fraud, saying it now.

I used to be on the fence about him being a cheater but this confirms it.


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FWIW, I don't think Diego will have his rhythm broken by the rain delay IMO.
Not a chance, Diego is rock solid. Nadal on the other hand, might decide to ditch this injury facade, stoppages always seem to have that effect.


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Does anyone know whether they'll be back and playing today or will it be carried over to tomorrow?


Seems to me like Schwartzman is a low UFOs kind of guy. Basically a younger dude who doesn't give up too many freebies.


The guy is pretty short...he's built his career around hitting everything on the rise.
That's not a function of his height. It's a function of years of Argentine coaching and training. You aren't going to find an Argentine anywhere who stands 3 meters back like Thiem does.

They all take it early, hit flatter with heavy spin, and have beautiful footwork.