2018 French Open QF: RAFA (1) vs DieGOAT (11)

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Betting houses now holds Nadal closer to a 50/50 likelihood to beat the field (win the trophy). Which in a sense is still telling, as that's pretty high for a guy who's down a set and a break.
It's extremely high given that there's a possibility his real chance is zero....if his wrist is as bad as it seems. The reason Schwartzman can tee off on everything is there's nothing on Nadal's shots.


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Everyone who ever beat Rafa shares the same distinction.

It's a moot point.
Nadal is not injured. He even said "it's nothing" to the tournament director. He was sweating profusely and was struggling with his grip, it's for sweat protection.


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This is nothing compared to what happened in 2012. Djoko had won 8 games in row making Nadal look like a hopeless moonballer. Then rain comes...
it was raining slightly and the heavy/damp conditions were what helped Djoko get those 8 games in a row.
else Nadal was dictating in that match before that...up 2 sets and a break.

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For some supposed freaking Clay goat, which he is, it baffles me how a damp court can change this dude's matches so dramatically.

And lol. Miss me with that injury excuse,its been long known that hypothetical healthy rafa hasnt lost a match. So yes,I know.
It’s all about the spin so the rain doesn’t make it bounce as high.


How's vive holding up? Different booze for denadalisations than for commiserations? Too busy with your doll?


Rain definitely produces some of the finest match thread reads. :D

Don't want to moan about Nadal's luck as clearly the conditions that lighter rain creates are the ones that he hates.


Yes it’s obvious that Nadal has rain powers, cheater!
I blame /u/Rainman500 for this.
Also is Dal actually injured? Doubt it but open to being convinced
Could be, but there's no way of knowing. If there is a minor discomfort, then the heavy conditions and Schwartzman's heavy hitting is just going to make it a whole lot worse.
Not a chance, Diego is rock solid. Nadal on the other hand, might decide to ditch this injury facade, stoppages always seem to have that effect.
I thought that's what I wrote? That Diego is not going to get his momentum broken by the rain.

If anything I think Rafa will play worse, but I hope he raises his level. He looks like an imposter of himself.

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Doggone rain!!! Well, let's hope Diego isn't robbed of focus and comes back playing the same way. Nadal is so good at keeping or regaining his focus better than his opponents whenever there is a delay. I think it's one of his greatest qualities as a champion.

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I blame /u/Rainman500 for this.

Could be, but there's no way of knowing. If there is a minor discomfort, then the heavy conditions and Schwartzman's heavy hitting is just going to make it a whole lot worse.
Oh man, do you think he’s on here? Dude’s a legend


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Diego wants this badly. I still want Nadal to win, but if Diego wins this, he better win the whole tournament.
You know he won't though. Nadal is still very likely to win this match IMO. And Thiem or Delpo will probably win if Nadal loses here.


These threads are amazing. Rafa fans want so badly for his struggles to have an explanation/excuse and Rafa haters (read: Federer fans) want so badly to believe he is being outplayed in a vacuum. Reality exists somewhere in between, with Rafa struggling to deal with the conditions and Diego playing fairly well.

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Nadal is playing badly true.
But Diego is playing with heart and outstanding skills he would be troubling even a well playing Nadal.