2018 Madrid Masters QF: A. Zverev [2] vs J. Isner [7]

The Green Mile

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Big John toughens out the hold for 3-2, nice stuff... Huge disparity of points won when serving to the forehand, not exactly surprising....

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It’s okay guys, Denis will stop Z and if he doesn’t then Thiem will.

Oh please god.

The Green Mile

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Hope Isner comes forward a bit more, that drop shot was also a great change up, keep Zverev guessing and maybe a bit more honest with his return positioning....

Looking a bit hopeless on return though, TB seems most likely...


Would be awesome to see Zverev lose the match while winning way more points and being more dominant on his serve. Right now Big John can’t even get his foot in the door during these return games.


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What was that little discussion at the end? Zverev acknowledged that Sir John was the greater player but was kind enough to give the kid a win?