2018 Rotterdam - ATP 500; Federer's quest for #1


Why play the weaker field and give up a title you'll never have in your cabinet? ATP has made it very hard to play both events since Milan does not have days off between rounds. Of course Milan deserves a better schedule and points, but the fraudulent thinking that runs the tour seems asleep at the switch.;)
Don't get the bold?? Where should Milan be placed? WTF shouldn't have to wait a week in order to let the one youngster, who might make it there, allow to compete in both. And the rest of the calendar is full. Wouldn't make sense to have it in the same week as Paris either.


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Fed either failing or declining to pursue absolute destruction of all games to dish out the bagels in more recent years at least makes sense to me. Maximum efficiencyerer.
Yeah, his service game is rock solid these days. He mostly goes for that one break and tanks the rest of return games. Atleast before QF in a slam.


I actually think with his more baseline game in 17/18 these medium HCs suit his game very well. It gives him time to recover and set up those big shots.

Where as in 14/15 he needed quicker courts for his S&V tactics and his weaker FH to hit through the court.

Federer and Del Potro

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If he keeps it up definitely. Still, Wimbledon is far away, a lot can happen in the meantime.
Could see Fed-Cilic playing again at Wimbledon this yr. Cilic confidence has to be at a really high point after a great AO. May not have won but the fact he didn't look defeated at all post-match was a great sign for how much experience he's been able to lap up in this past year. Don't think we've seen the last of Cilic by any stretch of the imagination. Though this forum will tell you he's a mug.