2018 US Open F - JM Del Potro (3) vs Novak Djokovic (6)

Who wins the 2018 USO final?

  • Del Potro in 3

    Votes: 4 2.6%
  • Del Potro in 4

    Votes: 21 13.5%
  • Del Potro in 5

    Votes: 30 19.2%
  • Djokovic in 3

    Votes: 35 22.4%
  • Djokovic in 4

    Votes: 59 37.8%
  • Djokovic in 5

    Votes: 7 4.5%

  • Total voters


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If Djokovic does win this match (likely) then yeah there's a good chance he ends the year #1. What an emphatic turnaround that would be (and already is).
Yes, if you said that 2 months ago you would've been a lunatic.

With Nadal injured I don't see how anyone is going to stop Djokovic, really.


I'm probably going to tap out soon, result is expected and tbh its like watching people play in the mud, just not exciting for me, but congrats to novak and his nice fans for an amazing year. well deserved
This has been a very tedious match. Djokovic a wall when it matters, conditions not conducive to attacking play, and the Delpo forehand misfiring. Nothing positive if you wanted an exciting match or a Delpo win.


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With Seinfeld here I'm really hoping Novak quotes the bee movie. "According to all known laws of aviation..."


Nyc doesn’t like Djokovic because his style of play is boring. He just returns it like a wall and no aggression or big shots. Dull.

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Djokovic is having an amazing comeback! Glad to see him back contending and winning the biggest titles in the game. Match is not over though but just one more set and he would have won two slams in a row. He could go on another tear and win even more majors next year (i.e. 2+). Go Novak!