2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

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This is Naomi’s night and All peeps will talk about is Serena. Poor Naomi. Serena being the drama queen she is when she is being completely outplayed. Taking her frustrations out on the umpire and playing the victim because she was slow and couldn’t keep the ball in court and Naomi outplaying her.


She very obviously wasn’t looking to be coached and didn’t realize what he was doing. That’s why she lost her ****.

She should have accepted that he did do it tho and just carried on.
She should have let it go but that is easier said than done when your emotions are high and adrenaline is rushing. The majority of the time Serena is able to channel that in to her game she could not. But she played much better the second set and it showed.

Osaka did a great job though and I am happy for her. I hope to see a reach match at AO.

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The umpire had it in for Serena. He called her for coaching? What a joke. Every coach "coaches". Then he gives her a game penalty. Serena lost her composure and it cost her. Even McEnroe knew where the line was and knew better than to cross it (except for the 1990 AO when the rules changed and he wasn't aware). Sad because it takes the luster away from Osaka's win.


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"Chris, Serena was obviously cheated out there, we all know she's a new mommy. What example would that set for adorable Olympia? Sure, Patrick coached, but Serena looked away!!!"


Wtf is Amazon Prime commentary talking about... Serena should go home and forget about it?

She should wear a big letter A next time she is on courts

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