2018 USO Womens Final : ThisMama Serena Williams vs Japanese Queen Naomi Osaka

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Congrats to Osaka and it's great for tennis. Very well played. That umpire was out of line in my eyes. The point penalty was enough but a game penalty? Serena has never got a coaching violation in her career. Just keep it fair play because she doesn't cheat to win. I wish Serena just not let it get to her and move on though. Should not have lost her cool.
Patrick Mouratglou admitted to coaching and they showed him coaching just now on ESPN.

So yeah, very much justified.

Also @icedevil0289 , since you were asking if Serena did get coaching.
She should have let it go but that is easier said than done when your emotions are high and adrenaline is rushing. The majority of the time Serena is able to channel that in to her game she could not. But she played much better the second set and it showed.

Osaka did a great job though and I am happy for her. I hope to see a reach match at AO.
I mean of course, I get that. She perceived it as unfair bc hell, she did not ask to be coached and didn’t even register it at that.

It cost her so dearly on that BP too...
The chair umpire should never be this involved in a match, though. Jeezus... let them play. If that was Roddick or Djokovic... no warning would even have been given except for the racquet smash.
The warning for coaching was a bit unusal - but also pretty irrelevant, it was just a warning. Williams reaction to it was totally out of proportion. Thereafter Serena left the umpire really no other choice.
She had a lousy match, yes! but still you can't take anything away from Osaka, she absolutely dominated and I'm shocked by her composure. She's only 20 years old...
I was only talking about that specific game, not all of the match. Because Osaka was outstanding. Her game, her composure. And she certainly doesn't deserve this travesty of a ceremony. Serena lost her mind and her reason. She shouldn't have reacted this way.
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