2018 Wimbledon SF: [2] Nadal vs. [12] Djokovic

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Credit to both players

Don't forget Nadal himself was on a Wimbledon comeback after not going deep in 7 years as well as Djokovic's comeback

Of course they both belong there on the deep level


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This was the BEST match of SW19. No doubt. Loved every minute of it. Congrats to Novak for making the finals. I picked him as my underdog and hope he crosses the finish line against big serving Kevin Andersen.


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Wow. Such great rallies... Sorry, no way Federer would have beaten any one off these guys.

I’m a huge Fed fan but I agree with you. No way could he have come close to this level. This match was a treat. Both guys deserved the win but one had to lose in the end


Good fight between 2 greats. Lots of 5 setters in the latter stage this time. Congrats to Djokovic for the successful comeback. He has a good chance for Wimbledon no.4.


Gotta say, so proud of Nadal too even though he lost. After 7 years in the doldrums at Wimbledon, he made it to the semi's and almost beat (let's be honest) Novak at close to his best. And that's after an epic quarter final against Delpo.

He played really well and fully deserves the #1 ranking.
Great match, Rafa played incredibly this year - I didn’t think he’d even be a few points away from the Wimbledon Final!
Rest of the year should be pretty good, especially when Andy rejoins the tour in time for the US Open

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Lol true. Galvatron is just INSANE and I never really understood him. If Megatron wasn't busy trying to take over the universe, he'd be good to have a drink with at the bar.
Yeah, Galvatron is completely crazy, like the Joker, while Megatron is more pragmatic, although they are both ruthless. So, Megatron can be Frank from "Once Upon a Time in the West", while Galvatron is El Indio from "For a Few Dollars More".


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Ahhh mr pro, you can blame your hero for allowing him to win it 10 years ago hahahaha
It happens when Nadal props himself up by beating him a gazillion times on clay and then gets to play monoFed in the final and just barely beats him.

8 Wimbledon titles. Nadal would need 10 careers to win that many.


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Feel for Rafa even though I am a Djokovic fan. Could have been anyone's match.

Earth's Mightiest (but slim) Warrior was probably destined to win this one after what he has gone through the last 15-18 months.


Anyone have the breakpoint stats for both players?
Both converted 4 each from what I saw. Something like 4/9 and 4/11 for Djoko and Nadal , not entirely sure.

The stats were astounding though....both players were so so close in terms of all stats. Djoko won 195 points to Nadal's 191.

Both had the same no. of W/UE ratio. 73/42 or something along those lines. There was so little separating the players.

Super thrilled for Novak but at the same time (and I can't believe I am saying this) feel a bit gutted for Nadal. Must be heartbreaking to lose it after coming so close..

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Congratulations all the Djokovic fans on here. 2 years of struggles. And now THIS.

Who would have thought, even a couple of weeks back, that he'd be in the Wimbledon final with a huge chance to get his 4th Wimbledon title?

What a tournament. What a comeback. And now he's one set away from doing something huge for his legacy. I'll be rooting for him tomorrow. I think a lot of neutrals will be. Go on and win it.


"Chum jetze" brigade in complete joy. Federer wouldn't have taken a set against either of these 2 guys. He can't come even close to this level of tennis.
Most Fed fans here are probably happy, but the Djokovic fans are ecstatic with many literally in tears and not afraid to share it.

Then someone called "mighty rick" (lol - very manly name) aptly pushes back on the tears of these passionate sports fans.

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God Bless Rafa Nadal for making tennis so damn entertaining, exciting and dramatic. 2 back to back 5 set wars going to the brink. There is only 1 Rafa, love him or hate him. He's a phenomenon. Even more impressive is that he came from clay and had to develop his game for grass. He deserves tremendous respect and applause from anyone and everyone who was ever a fan of the sport of tennis. That includes all Federer fans and Djokovic fans.


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Hahahaha why so salty?

If Nadal needs a wheelchair at age 37 maybe Fed can wheel him around at the shopping mall...
He probably will, yes. They're friends after all. Federer handed Nadal the h2h by reaching 3 thousand clay finals back in the day. Only a friend would do that.


I hope this isn't a case where he beats the bowl like he did in the French Open a couple years ago and then lost in the final I was so devastated at the French Open


Rafa's mental strength is not the same. Most of the time he hits an unforced error on Sp or BP. Blew so many chances today, should have won in 4. Consumed so much energy, an injury is definitely on the cards sometime later in the season. Indoor conditions also helping Djokovic play his precision tennis, didnt think Rafa could take it to 5 after yesterday. Maybe the result could have been different with the roof open, we'll never know thanks to the dumb organizers.


It happens when Nadal props himself up by beating him a gazillion times on clay and then gets to play monoFed in the final and just barely beats him.

8 Wimbledon titles. Nadal would need 10 careers to win that many.
Yeah because beating Fed on clay = beating him on grass. Keep wheeling out the excuses, it's funny stuff. See I told you I'd be laughing!

As for 10 careers, let me school ya, Nadal has won it twice in his career. So 10 careers = 10 * 2 = 20. So in 10 careers, Nadal would have 2.5 times the number of Wimbledon titles Fed has.


Nova is officially back! Though don't write Anderson off and Noel will be tired himself with huge pressure on him and he has struggled with big servers before, in fact didn't Anderson give him a hell of a match at Wimbledon? I remember him beating him in the opening round of Miami 2008 whwn Noel was defending champion

Nadal played great but massive credit to Djokovic for getting the monkey off his back. Been over 2 years since he's contended a major final and he's lost the last few matches vs Nadal, this was a huge test and he passed