2018 Wimbledon SF: [2] Nadal vs. [12] Djokovic

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Thing is, this is still some way off top form Djokovic in my opinion. Between the displays of controlled aggression, he's still spraying more on unforced balls than he does when he's at his best.

That should scare his opposition – he can and perhaps likely will improve noticeably upon this.


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Djoker just dominant off the ground, gotta really appreciate what Kei was able to do when you see this


I hope Nadals wins the second. then we have a match. you gotta be nervous when Ultron is on the other side..what a slice from NAdal--still not enough


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Djokovic is at a sufficient level to see off Nadal here. Nadal needs to fight hard, raise his level and hope Djokovic's level decreases.

We haven't seen Ultron since 2016.


the bowl is going to be worn down from all this running I guarantee you the Dow is going to be worn down he doesn't look that fresh yoko's going to win thist


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This match looks a lot similar to their 2011 USO final. Nadal threw the kitchen sank at Djoko and it still wasnt even close