2018 Wimby R32: The Fall of Zedrot (vs Fritz)

Red Rick

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And get this — Fritz is now 11-1 at or above the ATP Challenger Tour level in deciding-set tie-breaks.
"I think it speaks to my strengths on court, which is just being clutch and playing my best tennis in the big moments. When it comes down to it like that, I don't get too nervous," Fritz said. "It's probably the stat that I'm most proud about in my tennis career, is my third-set tie-break records. It shows that I'm clutch."
Fritz to win 9 USO and no other Slams?


Completely stupid that one of the commies describes Fritz as "the man who many think is the future of American tennis". REALLY?


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When Fritz won the 2nd set 7-5 a thought came to my head that he's gonna win 4-6 7-5 7-6 6-4.

It has to be true.


It's truly absurd they can't do this. Yeah it's a disservice to play on a different court, but it's a far greater travesty to finish needlessly on a different day.
Yeah, and I heard somewhere that No.1 Court has now roof too? Must have been a mistake