2019 AO Women's Round 3: Wozniacki vs Sharapova - Battle for "I'm in the 4th round, don't know where she is" bragging rights

Who shall prevail?

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Sum Buddy Ells

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It's official! "Sweet" Caroline takes on "Spicy" Sugarpova.

One has called out the other for questionable scheduling/wild card receipts. The other's agent has previously declared that slamless = journeyman player.

One is Serena's BFF. The other Serena's BPP (best practice partner).

2008 vs 2018 champ.

Will it be an AO 2018 repeat of 3rd round counterpunching demolition, or a non-empathetic emphatic display of aggression from Pova?

A showdown almost 2 years overdue (y):D

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Wozniacki in 3 tight sets. She seems very motivated and is no carrying the baggage of being majors free...even though there's that defending champion pressure. Or perhaps she's not letting it get to her...

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Will the after-match handshake be firm and cold? Or will there be kiss kiss?


Can anyone explain why there are so many shots by women are in squat position? They get down so low and it looks awkward. Not sure I've ever seen a guy do this. Men just seem to scoop the low shots, does it really take that much strength?


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At any point when The Woz needs to buckle down and get serious she knows she can just dial up moonball mode and just wait for the Masha UE.

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Terrible call. Umpire had already done the hand motion to say the ball was good and linesperson says out. Gets overruled, Woz was in a good position to win the point too.