2019 ATP 250 MercedesCup: General Discussion


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Nothing on Struff or Pouille? Struff crushed Kecmanovic. Pouille took out Medvedev. Those were the more interesting matches for me.
Pouille took out Med? Good for him. Struff...not surprising as he's been playing quite well this season (in spite of me liking/cheering for young Miomir).
I've been too busy to watch other than my fav in the tourney (FA2), and even then it's on replay.
So I appreciate looking through the comments here on TTW about how the matches played out.
Keep the posts coming!
Great down the line forehand from Kudla to set up an easy swinging volley putaway. However Kudla doesn't do nearly enough with it and Monfils gets forehand cross court pass.

Inconsequential though, as Kudla holds. 4-4.
Two break point opportunities for Kudla after a great backhand lunging volley winner.

And he's got the break! Kudla has actually been having an easier time on serve than Monfils so chances are he'll serve this set out. 6-5 Kudla.
Great back and forth rally by both players unfortunately ends in a forehand error by Kudla and Monfils breaks right back.

The match is moving fast. I turn away for what felt like 2 minutes and Kudla breaks again to go up 2-1.
Monfils not only gets to a Kudla drop shot but finishes the point off by flicking a backhand down the line winner to set up break point.

And he does it! It honestly looks like he suddenly woke up or something. Good back and forth rally until Monfils started putting some oomph on his shots, then brought Kudla into net before firing a beautiful back hand down the line for the winner and the break.

Superb rally that Monfils finishes with a forehand winner! Also set himself up with 2 break points.

And he breaks! Kudla dumps a forehand volley in the net and Monfils breaks again to go up 3-2. 3 straight games won for the Frenchman!
Dangerous times now for Monfils, who loses both his latest two service points and it's now 5-2 Kudla!

Match isn't quite over, as Monfils splits the next two points with Kudla and now he's serving to survive, down 6-3.