2019 ATP Acapulco Final - [2] Alexander Zverev vs. Nick Kyrgios

Who will win this match?

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"One of my favourite tournaments of the year." Yeah, sure thing Sasha. Nick to come surfing in now on a wave of unapologetic honesty and tell them where exactly their tournament ranks.


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He’s going to leave that block of wood that some guy made out of the trash dumpster in his hotel room


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Crowd having trouble clapping during the trophy ceremony. Can't blame them, they spent so long hissing and whistling this week that they probably forgot there's other ways to express themselves.

Did he flip them the bird? ;)

Anyway, congrats to Nick on an untypical week. Last week, couldn't get out of bed for Radu. This week, puts down Stan, Rafa, Big Izzie and Sascha one after the other! Go figure??

Title number 5, 2nd at 500 level and 1st in Acapulco. Can he get this motivated for Indian Wells?


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That was fun to watch. Very few clown shots today and the match was very even. Just a few shots here and there made the difference. Zverev is getting better all the time and this rivalry(if Kyrgios decides to show up) is the one to look forward to. Tsitsipas is another one that’s in there, and the variation is what I love to see. Ball bashing gets boring.

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In fairness to Nadal he wanted to win and he's very used to getting things exactly the way he wants.
He had only himself to blame, whiffing on triple BPs twice and not converting on 3 MPs including his wimpy DF. Instead, he plays the Rodney Dangerfield “no respect” card on Nick in his presser. He has replaced Rosol as the “everybody hates you” villain on the tour.


How about that post match interview......are you going to play Indian Wells next week? I’m not even going to think about that, I’m going to party!

I don’t think he will. If he does, he will tank early and hit the beach.


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saw from 5-3 in the 1st set. some real good stuff from Kyrgios.
The return game to break for the 2nd time in the 2nd set was some ridiculous stuff..
Zverev wasn't as sharp as he should've been.


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It's a strange day in tennis when I find myself rooting for Nick. Impressive run. Great things can happen if he takes tennis a little more seriously like in this tournament.

Congrats on impressive performance in this tournament.

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I just wish he had the mentality to back this up


What a week for NK. He lifted his level and looks like he can be a serious contender this year. He's turning 24 in April, an age where a player has to start achieving and fulling his potential. This win and a couple of big wins over Nadal, Wawrinka and also Zverev should boost his morale and make him perform well consistently. I think he'll be a force at Wimbledon where he can just serve his way to the title. He can also do well on USO, but I think Wimbledon can be his best stage to showcase his potential and win his first slam.


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Classless Nadal could learn a thing or two from Zverev on being a good loser.
Although Zverev did react angrily to one of Nicks early drop shot winners as though he thought Kyrgios was taking the **** but maybe I misinterpreted his gesture and he was more angry with himself.