2019 ATP Finals RR - Little Kid Who Knows How to Fight vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

Who wins?

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Great hold from Tsitsipas. Again Nadal's ROS letting him down. If he could have put the serve back in play on BP - he might have had a chance to break.
Rafa's converted only 1 out of 8 breakpoints. Tsitsipas just serves fast under pressure and Nadal cannot get the ball back in play.

Nadal might end up losing this despite having been under less pressure on serve and not faced a BP till now.


No-- the older Zverev bro and Feli are both clearly superior. And they come in constantly, not just on their own terms and on sitters.
I agree. I meant among the great players. There are several other non top players, who are natural volleyers compared to Fedalovic.