2019 ATP Finals RR - Little Kid Who Knows How to Fight vs The GOAT (When Healthy)

Who wins?

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In fairness, in a five set epic, 50 times isn't that much. Most of that match were long rallies, as you know. Sampras-Becker would both come to net 50 times in one set on any surface except clay.
For Nadal though I would say it is. Also the game is different in the 1990s at Wimbledon with the different grass.


God, I hope Medevdev tries tonight and beats that brat if Rafa wins this.
Unfortunately, Zverev is heavily heavily favored. Medvedev is probably playing the worst tennis of the year right now, and Zverev is a bad matchup for the Russian as their h2h indicates.
So Nadal won't get to the SF likely - this match is largely academic.


Couple of good volleys from Nadal. Someone tell Tsits he's already through guy ain't going through the motions ;)
Shades of 2008 when Murray gave everything to beat Fed in the Round Robin even though he was already through and then got blitzed in the semis by Davydenko.
Even when Nadal is playing bad his volleys are usually still good. I remember in 2015 his net game was the only part of his game that was actually working.