2019 ATP Rome Masters


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I think you're probably right.
It's so damn exciting.
I already sent an email to take a day off tomorrow :giggle:
To be honest I think the hype will be bigger than reality. Fed v Coric will be close, apart from that Djokodal should all have straightforward matches. Thiem being Thiem might find a way to get knocked out though.
Putting like 6 matches on one court will hardly work on clay.Wouldn`t surprise me if there is like 1 or 2 matches that take 3 hours or so and then u can forget it.
Honestly I would not be surprised if Fed and Novak tank. They dont want/need to have the extra match practice before RG. Novak is in fine form and can peak during RG. Fed probably does not have the highest expectations. Rafa needs the matches to gain confidence
I'd also entertained the notion that there might be a bit of tanking but Djokovic loves playing Rome so I find it hard to believe he will. The schedule really is ridiculous.
I feel for Thiem. He needs to beat Verdasco and Khachanov in one day before he even gets to play Nadal. It would've been tough for a fresh Thiem against a crap version of Nadal but now? lol
Getting 6 matches done on every court today will be a struggle considering it`s clay and some matches will take 2-3 hours.The question is:will they start a match even after midnight?