2019 ATP Rotterdam Final - [WC] Stan Wawrinka vs. Gael Monfils

Who will win the final?

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Red Rick

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I don't know what it is physically for Monfils.

It used to be he could at least last for 3 sets vs guys like Wawrinka


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Stan is making a comeback juat in time for the Clay, his favourite surface!

Perhaps we will see a rematch of 2015!


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mike danny

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I was watching a point of the 2015 Rotterdam final and it seemed like Stan had more power in his shots in that match than today.


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Well that was a fun match. It's rare to see Monfils play so well and I didn't see his match with Medvedev but I knew if he beat him he must be playing some good tennis. I don't know if that was deliberately his tactic but he seemed to give Wawrinka little pace all match and it really screwed up his timing. Wawrinka really likes pace and to meet the ball and hit it big but Monfils didn't give him that. Smart play from the guru. Wawrinka didn't get the win but should really be happy with his level this week because he is definitely a lot better than he has been in quite a while.


Good final, excellent 3rd set by Monfils. He's got the athleticism to defend for days on this HC but also has the power to hit through it when needed.


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Wow, there's a surprise. How often do we see Monfils last the course and see something out? Really thought Stan would coast through that decider after storming through the 2nd set.

Is this a new Gael we are seeing or just a temporary aberration? ;)

Anyhow, congrats to La Monf on his 8th ATP title, 2nd at 500 level and 1st in Rotterdam. Congrats also to Stan on making his 1st final since his knee surgery and 1st since 2017 RG.
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Wow. Hard to believe Monfils decided to play hard for entire tournament...
There were several laziness playing during the tournament but he finished all the matches.
Hope he believes himself and end his career with impressive matches but clown mode can appear any moments hahaha.