2019 ATP Sudden Death League: Stuttgart


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Ok so I kind of f***ed up, but I will probably learn from this :D

Anyway I can only say SF: Berrettini so I guess I'll do that one.
Yeah in that case when a user has only 1 pick available for the SF or of course the 1 player available for the final, we'll automatically put the player's name on the spreadsheet. So let's say this happens to you again in a SF and you forgot to post the message with the player's name, you'll be asigned that player anyway.


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LoL He was doing fine yesterday and the day before :unsure:

He is the Canadian version of Nishikori
Nishikori is Djokovic at his peak physically compared to Raonic lol. This guy is an injury machine, and I'm really wondering if he has the record of most Walkovers in tennis history, or at least the record in this decade.


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LOL Raonic...

Wait, @RS92 If I would’ve chosen FAA today would I advance to the Final, or no?
Exactly, when someone picks a player for the SF, and that players wins via W.O. you're automatically in the final. Same if your pick's opponent gives a W.O. in the final, you are automatically the champion.

In fact, something like that happened when I won my first title in this game back in 2016. Picked Dimitrov for the SF, Raonic was his opponent and he gave a W.O., then I had Murray available for the final and he won, so I won the title.