2019 Australian Open 2R - [16] Milos Raonic vs. Stan Wawrinka

Who will win this match?

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ATP H2H: 4:2 for Wawrinka
GS H2H: 2:0 for Raonic
H2H at HC: 3:2 for Wawrinka

Both mutual matches on the GS tournaments won Raonic. Will he achieve the third victory over Stanimal?


Don’t like this one for Stan - his return is atrocious and Raonic can do some damage on that weak 2nd delivery. A couple of tiebreaks for sure.


Wawrinka in 4 and he's sitting at 3.87-1 on moneyline for some reason up from yesterday. Did he get injured in practice or something?


over h2h leans towards Stan, but Milos did win their last two encounters, including a straight set win at the USO last year. I didn't get a chance to see stan against Gulbis, but it looks Gulbis probably would have emerged the winner if he hadn't tweaked his back, so Stan was quite fortunate there.

head says Milos.


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over h2h leans towards Stan, but Milos did win their last two encounters
last three..and h2h leans towards milos coz just 4-3 ..but more important that first 4 meetings stan won but..trend has changed in milos favor since then)
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Raonic in 4. He seems to be in better form than Stan.


Raonic is in pure robot mode. Stan having chat and high five with the child who did the coin toss. Raonic want nothing of sorts.


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Why has Raonic beaten Stan at slams? I guess he's not good enough for Stan to care and enter Stanimal Mode
AO 16, Raonic played great - his best slam run. served great, SnVed and volleyed well - and didn't give him enough rhythm.
USO 18, Stan blew the 1st set after having it in control and then sorta unravelled.

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If Dimitrov was a baby Fed, then Raonic is a baby Sampras. Such similarity the way his serve carries him into the net and his crisp volleys.

I'm a fan of him because it's rare to see a guy like this compete among baseliners who play long duels from the back.


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Go Stan, win this TB! Have to say Raonic has shed all that fatness he had the last couple years. The drone looks fit.


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Stan with a cracker of a BH DTL winner.
Stan trying to reverse troll Raonic for USO 2018 1st set ? (STan was clearly the better player in that set, but Raonic took it in the end)