2019 Australian Open 3R - [1] Novak Djokovic vs. [25] Denis Shapovalov

Who will win this match?

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no, for Shapo to play atleast decent , keep atleast 1 set close/take 1 set.
Looking at Djokovic's level, Shapo should keep atleast 2 sets close if he plays decent.
I think it's more about Djokovic making him look like an average rather than Shapo being terrible.


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I think it's more about Djokovic making him look like an average rather than Shapo being terrible.
no, its just that Shapo was just being terrible, just like your posts.
Djoko was playing just decent/slightly above average, nowhere near his best.


now Shapo is playing better.


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Great serving from Djoko. I like what I'm seeing. He is taking control of the points early and hitting the ball early, don't know how he looked in the beginning of the 1st set but I tuned in at 4-3 and ever since he has been really good, BH side is really good too.
He looks great. So freaking consistent.


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Wait for the match to end. Denis the Menace could improve, as Demon did. For the record, I like Demon better only because he has the work ethic and does the best with what he has. There is something sloppy about Denis. He has the "big testicle" walk, lots of attitude, but I don't see (yet) enough to back up the swagger.
Who is demon?


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I don't see any possibility of Shapo possibly beating Djoker. Novak is playing his B- game, but is still handling Denis easily.


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He may not need it today but moving forward, he doesn't need another set with his percentage that low. It's probably because he hasn't really been pressured.
True but i believe in Djokovic godmode baseline game when his serve is not clicking. moreover, in later stage his performance gets better like Luckdal


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No1e-Denis 6:3, 6:4
Denis improved his service in the 2nd set, but lost his service at the least suitable time for him.


Don't play more than you have too.

Have any of you heard the story of Milton Berle having the largest 'member' in Hollywood? One time he was in a locker room with Dean Martin, and somebody quizzed him whether the rumours are true, and made a bet his was bigger. Dean Martin apparently said "Go on Milt, show him just enough to win".

Old school Hollywood. Badasses.

Go Novak. Show them just enough to win.


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Shankopalov has godawful footwork for someone so fast. He’s off balance or jammed half the time. Sliding all over the place. Get this kid some adhd meds stat.