2019 Australian Open 4R - [4] Alexander Zverev vs. [16] Milos Raonic

Who will win this match?

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Vamos Rafa Nadal

oh I see, it's going to be one of THOSE matches! (; Oh well...

they've traded breaks so far


Bionic Poster
This has to be the most boring match of the year 2019. Seriously boring. Raonic should be banned from tennis for playing boring tennis and putting fans to sleep

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Raonic already into the net 11 times, plenty of early serve/volley, nice to watch. 40-15...

Zverev frustrated with his start, throws his racquet.


Aussie Darcy

Bionic Poster
Commentator (I think Cahill?) says this might be the worst set of tennis he's seen from Zverev. Clearly never watched much of Zverev. How about that bagel from Chung last year at the AO? lol.