2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

Who will win the title?

  • Djokovic in 3

    Votes: 47 18.5%
  • Djokovic in 4

    Votes: 88 34.6%
  • Djokovic in 5

    Votes: 39 15.4%
  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 16 6.3%
  • Nadal in 4

    Votes: 58 22.8%
  • Nadal in 5

    Votes: 45 17.7%

  • Total voters
Is it me only who sees something wet on Rafa's pants? He even missed a ball. 5:2 for Novak already. It looks like Novak worked a lot on his body twisting. He can rotate so well around his axis.
Djokovic is a huge step up in quality comparing with Nadal's opponents so far. He seems to have troubles raising his game. Djokovic with a 10/10 set imo so far. Pretty near perfect.
Not a SINGLE point won by Nadal on Djokovic's serve. Looks totally outmatched.

This is a beatdown big time. It's about the worst tennis Nadal has ever played in a major. He's tight as a drum.
Starts at 12:30 am my time in California. Obviously not a fan of either guy, but the only thing making me miss this match is nuclear war, Ebola or a vague pandemic.
That must be one of my favourite autocorrects ever. A "vague pandemic" sounds like something out of Douglas Adams. :D

(I'm assuming it wasn't something intentional that went right over my head!)

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