2019 Australian Open Men’s Singles Final (1) Novak Djokovic V (2) Rafael Nadal

Who will win the title?

  • Djokovic in 3

    Votes: 51 20.0%
  • Djokovic in 4

    Votes: 86 33.7%
  • Djokovic in 5

    Votes: 38 14.9%
  • Nadal in 3

    Votes: 16 6.3%
  • Nadal in 4

    Votes: 58 22.7%
  • Nadal in 5

    Votes: 45 17.6%

  • Total voters


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Djokovic was quite bad against Medvedev though tbh, do think Nadal would have won that quite easily. Nadal is definitely playing his worst match of the tournament but he's also flattered to deceive - like Federer a bit in 2014/2015 IMO. More so considering his draw was actually pathetic till now...
Djokovic didn't play his best but Medvedev also kind of made him play bad too. It didn't transfer on the screen but Wilander said Medvedev hit every shot really flat and gave Novak no pace. This made Djokovic have to hit up on most shots and create his own pace. He also didn't miss. If he had an opponent like that he would have had been tested more or if Berdych actually played decent for more that one set he would have been tested more.


Actually Fed is a record holder in coming back from 0-2 down IIRC, he's just harder to put away when you have him on the ropes.

If Nadal's getting outplayed that's usually it.
No I know that granted I wonder how often fed gets himself down 0-2 sets, I'm sure his record is also inflated because of that but hilarious either way considering the mentally weak narrative attached to him
This in the red right now to look like it could end more disappointing and boring than last year's AO final.

Domination from Djokovic. About 30 winners to 7 unforced errors according to Jim.


This is federer fans who are saying this. No nadal fans are saying it

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Fed fans should cut that out because we should know better than anyone not to do do since its been used often when fed won against Nadal. Ivr seen a few nadal fans though not on here though already bring up injury


This would be Nadal's worse performance in a grand slam final in terms of total points won and dominance ratio, surpassing the 2014 AO Final against Wawrinka on both counts.