2019 Australian Open - WTA Thread

Who will win the AO?

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I’m late to the party for this, but I think the old timers should lighten up. Davenport/Carillo always harping on about Venus using the bathroom before the match starts...get over it! When you gotta go, you gotta go and it is hard to concentrate for hours while having to pee or whatever else. Did the matches last as long back then with the old technology? I really don’t remember, but I know three setters often go over 3 hours these days. I think it’s reasonable to use the restroom after a couple hours with all the hydrating one has to do in that heat (many tournments were on grass back then, too... a little cooler). Not everyone sweats it out like Rafa. Also, sometimes there could be lady business to attend to after a couple of hours. I don’t have a problem with the bathroom breaks as long as they come back quickly, like 3-5 minutes. They should have player portapotties nearby for the courts where the walk is too far, and if they come back late they get some kind of penalty. Though, honestly, I wouldn’t mind a standard 10 minute break so folks in the stands get a chance to use the restroom, too. Anyway, l think bathroom breaks are way more legit than constant towellling, first game of first set water breaks, dress changes, etc.
I think it's also that it can be seen as tactical.

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Wozniacki’s loss in the 3R knocks her down at least 6 spots in the rankings from #3 to #9.

Sevastova, Barty, Muguruza and Serena are a few wins away from overtaking her too. So Wozniacki could drop from the top 10 after this tournament.
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There are some really good matches coming up. Looking forward to seeing Garcia/Kvitova/Kerber/Osaka and Svitolina

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Sloane is one Pavlyuchenkova away from being #1 in the live rankings if Venus can manage to knock out Halep (which is a real possibility).

Sloane hasn’t even been ranked #2 in the world which is pretty crazy when you consider Petra, Radwanska. Zvonareva and so many more occupied that spot for a long time but never got to #1.


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Sharapova looks different from her usual last-year-self. Looks like she's determined to win another slam before retirement. Probably not possible, but still it's very impressive how clinical she was in her 3 last matches.


No doubt players abuse bathroom breaks sometimes, but I also think those breaks are necessary, at least if the match goes to three sets. Players drink between games constantly, and I can't imagine not being allowed to go after enduring two grueling sets merely because someone sometime might go to the bathroom purely to screw with opponents' momentum. Limit abuse by being vigorous with enforcing time limits.

Also, players should just be ready for those tactics and not allow themselves to be bothered. I honestly don't think Halep cared so much about Sharapova flouncing after the second set. Like she said herself, she's used to it.


I think Yastremska has fair chance to make an upset, but Serena likes power hitter like Dayana so let's see.
I haven't seen Yastremska at all, I don't think. On paper, it seems like a two-sets win for Serena, but who knows, we did just see Anisimova dispatch the third favorite to win this title so clearly anything is possible. Serena looks fine, but not really at a higher level relative to her last slam. I think she'll be done in the QF at the latest though I'd really like to be wrong about that. Garbine looks awesome.