2019 Babolat PA+ to the 2020 Yonex EZone 98+: Power & plowthrough comparision


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Michelle, Mark, Troy, or Chris, could you comment and compare the 2019 Babolat PA+ to the 2020 Yonex EZone 98+ in terms of power? Given the same strings, same tension how much less power can one expect from the 2020 Ezone 98+ compared to a 2019 PA+?

All four of you were on both playtest. I find the Yonex DR 100 frames to be as stiff as Pure Drives and just too stiff for me. Fully expect the spin potential to drop on the Yonex 98+ but more control due to the tighter string and normal (not elongated grommets). I have used the 2016 PA+ frames at 12 oz strung for 3 years and like that weight. Just curious about the power level of the Ezone 98+ while the frames are on sale. Due to the shipping delays, I don't think I have time for a playtest before the $199 sale price goes away.
The 2016 PA+ measured 72 RDC based on your video review, but it feels much softer to me personally.

Thanks much for your help

TW Staff


There is a slight drop in power, and spin, for me with the EZONE 98+ 2020. I really enjoy playing with the PA+ 2019, as the easy power, spin, and maneuverability is very enticing, I can really go big with that racquet. Beyond that the feel is pretty good as well, I feel more connected to the ball than I have with most other Babolat extended racquets over the years. That said, when I go back to the EZONE 98+ 2020 I can notice how much more precise it feels, and I have more confidence on touch shots, as well as driving through the ball with a flatter stroke. The EZONE 98+ 2020 also carries a bit more weight and swingweight, so that helps with plow through power, although it isn't quite as easy to generate the racquet head speed as the PA+ 2019. So power comes easier with the PA+ 2019, as it feels "whippier" as we like to say, and the ball comes off a bit more lively.

Troy, TW