2019 Basel SF Federer vs Tsitsipas: Why not beat the Big 3 twice?

Who wins?

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Federer and Del Potro

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I was comparatively speaking among the big 3,he's the underachiever -which you agree with also.

I agree the argument could be made that he has underachieved to a small extent in the slam race (and the most of the 3). But certainly not 'massively'. There's only a small handful of results I really look back on as a Fed fan with a feeling of regret at the lost opportunity. But every fan has that with their favorites.




6-4 6-4. The bloke you were quoting was only 2 games off.


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Some stone cold ridiculous shotmaking from the old Fraud. Vintage breakpointerer to give the crowd a show close to 90 minutes. In a way breakpointerer is peak arroganter3r because the assumption is he can not only break but pick the point too, rejecting lesser BPs for something more worthy.

The highlight for me was the 133kph BH slap drive half volley from the baseline down the middle straight past Sissy who just watched it thinking WTF. Some noteworthy drop volleys too.


crazy how the worst loss for Fed fans came when he was 37,85 years old

I’ve said it before

unless he plays Novak in Wimby final 2020, saves 2 consecutive CPs on Novak’s serve and then wins, nothing can ever heal that wound
It will not happen. Novak's mental power is stronger and more reliable than Roger's mental power. Novak would be never allow a loss from MP in the GS Final. This situation only happened to Coria (RG 2004) and Federer (Wimbledon 2019) in the Open Era.


So Tsitsipas can beat Djokovic but can't beat a 38 years old Federer? As I said many times, for some reason players are just too afraid of Federer. I don't believe current Federer right now is a better play than current Djokovic. But he is much better against the field.
The reason is matchup. For Tsitsipas, Federer is a more difficult opponent than Djokovic. For Shapovalov, Djokovic is a more difficult opponent than Nadal. For Sascha Zverev, Nadal is a more difficult opponent than Federer. It's about how whom the opponent's game suits or not.