2019 French Open - ATP Thread

Who will win the French Open?

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2019 ATP Race :
Goffin #42
Ruud #37
The race is not relevant until the end of the year that's why the race ranking is not used in the draw. What's Ruud's career highest rank?

Goffin, career high #7. Ruud career high #63.
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Cloudy cool weather with rain 70% chance Monday 90% chance Wednesday 60% chance Friday. Hopefully Joco gets his match Monday early all bets are off on Wednesday might have to play Thursday but then Friday we'll be cool damp with showers against team or whoever he plays in the semi-final


And a Sunday showdown with Nadal 50% chance of showers with a high temperature of only 70 degrees Fahrenheit that is good for Joko


I wonder if the French are smart enough to move matches up earlier in the day if rain is scheduled for later in the day probably not I've seen the US open do that remember the time US open put both semi-finals on at the same time one on Arthur Ashe and one on Armstrong they knew a storm was coming


Maybe bacause there were More deuce games at Fedr - Ruud?

We focus a lot on time spent at the courts as a tournament progresses but I wonder if we should also, even primarily, look at points played. Right now Nole is looking very efficient in that respect even if time spent is not so different from the other Big 3. I count the following for the first three matches:

Points played

Djokovic 441
Nadal 499
Federer 526

Federer and Del Potro

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The only time Federer has been blown off a quart with chili man in the US open 2014
Chili man :-D
You know the French open organizers are totally excited about a Fed Nadal semi-final even if it's a beat down and of course they want Dominic thiem against Djokovic in the other semi-final
in a semi-final against team do you want cloudy conditions or sunny and hot piece it looks like it's going to be cloudy and cool next week
How is it you can type perfect English then type... well whatever that is.
State farm update Cuevas up a break in the second-set I repeat Cuevas up a set against team in the second set

Do you work for State Farm?




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Huge match for Sascha upcoming. A chance to advance to only his second QF at a slam and a date with Nole there.


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Ok gals, it's been kinda cute watching you run around out there for a bit but it's time to start wrapping things up now please.


Well let's make things Fair boys looks like it might rain out Tuesday and Wednesday so all the men's quarterfinals could be in Jeopardy and then rain again on Friday for the semi-finals


The name Burruchaga from Boy's singles competition reminds me of the Argentinian striker from the 80s. I wonder if the are related.


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Just an observation - why aren't there more guys with Nadal's physique on tour? Wouldn't it benefit some of the skinnier guys to beef up a bit? I'm not saying there aren't tonnes of players is great shape but it seems Nadal is one of if not the only guy like that.