2019 French Open SF: [1] Djokovic vs. [4] Thiem

Who wins?

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Wow at Djoker’s mental strength to overcome that terrible call. Wins 4 straight points when he should have only had to win 2. He’s locked in. Thiem gonna have to earn this
The Guardian waxes philosophical some more about Djokovic's behavior, in a manner that I'm sure both Djokovic fans and Serena detractors will appreciate.

A couple of interesting views have come in via email about Djokovic’s behaviour.
Thomas Traill writes: Perhaps it’s partly a vicious circle, i.e. the further his popularity drops, the more he gets fed up?

It’s a sympathetic point but Andy Murray has been viewed as a bit of a moaner at various points in his career but has remained pretty popular.​
Going a little deeper, Abhijato Sensarma writes: I do not defend either person’s actions, but the fact that Serena Williams was penalised repeatedly on that fateful day of the US Open final for the same kind of behaviour which Novak has shown throughout this match (and hasn’t been docked points like her) shows us that different lines are drawn for men and women when it comes to penalising them for verbal abuse.
I do not have enough proof to call this sexism, but when you’re letting off a person of one gender for his venting of anger, you can’t penalise another person of the other gender for doing the same! Double standards exist even at the most elite tournaments, as we’ve seen throughout the course of this match. With more awareness being raised each day, however, hopefully the new generation of chair umpires treat everyone fairly going forward.
This is pretty much the point Serena Williams has [made] ever since and one I personally I agree with. Djokovic’s behaviour was perhaps delivered in a more controlled manner but the content was not dissimilar.​
That isnt the Guardian. That's an email from someone who is volunteering his opinion. Ofcourse, Serena (at the US open) recieved illegal coaching, called the umpire a cheat, demanded that he apologize to her for enforcing the rules of tennis which she didnt believe applied to her because she "is a mother".....
Nothing about the two is comparable. And bravo to Ramos for standing his ground.