2019 Grand Slam winners predictions


Hall of Fame
Australian Open- Djokovic
French Open- Djokovic
Wimbledon- ?? no idea, but it wont be 1 of the big 3 I am guessing
U.S Open- Nadal

Australian Open- Serena
French Open- Kerber
Wimbledon- Serena
U.S Open- Osaka

are you sure about the men though?

The women are packed from top 10 all the way to 50. That is why I suggested a mix of players making names for themselves in slams next year. (and of course I hope Hsieh scares some people in 2019) I am not too optimistic on Serena, Kerber and Osaka in slams in 2019.

The men though are in a broken stratum as it appears to me, the giants were too dominant for too long so nothing else could grow. While falling into decline, there is complete drop off in the link between them and the next level. This is the opposite of the WTA. The current ATP reminds me a bit of the WTA just after the mid eighties. The problem is that there is no new thought or innovative thinking in the men's game anymore. A sudden shift at some point, maybe not next year or possibly the next, could result in somebody, even deeply flawed compared to the previous 3 Kings, taking all the slams almost by default.

I hope Djokovic holds the line for a little longer.
Pretty hard year to predict, honestly. The top guys’ health and form is more unpredictable than ever.

AO: Djokovic
French: Nadal
Wimbledon: Federer
USO: New winner (Zverev? Nishikori?)
Probably 3 out of the 4 slams are on lock by the Big 3, question is who will be that lone one who gets one in 2019?

Zverev or Thiem possible for Roland Garros. AO too tough, too hot and physical for young guys to break through. Wimbledon probably not. USO and RF only ones who could get new winners.