2019 halle open SF :- [1] Roger Federer v/s Pierre Huges Herbert

Match result prediction poll

  • Roger in 2

    Votes: 35 89.7%
  • Roger in 3

    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Herbert in 2

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Herbert in 3

    Votes: 2 5.1%

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He will probably win in straights but throw in a couple of love 40 service games he makes himself have to dig out of

yeah i dont see fed going to 3 against herbert although stranger things have happened. with the previous matches, particularly since tsonga is so strong on serve, if it got to a tb, it could go either way so i could see a 3 setter which it ended up being plus tsonga had beaten him on grass before, granted many years ago but its not easy feat at wimbledon. we'l see a about pierre though but im :cool:


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Actually, no. I've watched Herbert quite a lot because I like doubles. But the guy simply doesn't have a measurement for singles point construction. He can only keep the ball in court hitting down the line (middle) and has serious problems in cross-court rallies. He also doesn't know how to cover the net in a *singles* context. His singles movement is also weird... because the movement in doubles is different.

The guy is an incredibly good doubles player. But watching Herbert is like watching Paes play singles.
Herbert is my favorite current player. His game reminds me of my much younger self.


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Works for me! Fed would easily beat Anderson in his current form. Anderson's done nothing all year.
Didn't Anderson secure the 4th seed for Wimbledon?

So he would need to reach the semi-finals or final to play Fed. Which I guess isn't really out of the question with his serve on grass, even if he isn't in form. But he might be in form by the time he gets that far.


Commentators on TC just implied the Frenchman just needs to come twice as much to the net and all would be well. Are these guys actually getting paid???