2019 halle open SF :- [1] Roger Federer v/s Pierre Huges Herbert

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    Votes: 2 5.1%
  • Herbert in 2

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  • Herbert in 3

    Votes: 2 5.1%

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Stress free nice , I know I'm over thinking it due to recency bias but a bit weary about goffin which I realize might sound silly given their overall record.
My weariness with Fed these days never has anything to do with his opponent (unless it's Djokovic/Nadal).

Fed pretty much only loses when he drops his own level, which is exactly how that one loss to Goffin happened. I can't remember the last time someone legit just went unbeatable god mode on him where there was nothing he could do. If he plays well, he'll win. If he doesn't, he doesn't deserve to win anyway (like last year's Halle final).


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Nadal too scared to play both



Halle had the better field this year than Queens. And has it occurred to you that other players don't play Halle in part because Fed is there?

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if im not mistaken fed plays halle if im not mistaken because back in the day when asking for a wild card, halle gave it to him over queens, who more or less rejected him, and he just remained loyal to halle