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Who will gains the title?

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I'm picking Djokovic also. I hope Federer will land in the Nadal part of the draw so that we could get another classic final between these 2. I also hope my boys Shapovalov and FAA will make some noise here.
I just chatted on the phone with Toni. He said he has texted Ellison to make sure Kyrgios lands in Fed's draw on or before QF and takes him out.


Djokovic should win this but seeing as he hasn't played competitively since the Australian Open he might get surprised in the 2nd round.


Draw comes out 3pm PST, or 6pm EST in the US. I think it is 11pm UK time.

Also I guess it will depend on the draw, but I think people are putting way too much emphasis on the Dubai Win. legit up until the semi-final, Fed was extremely up and down. He could very well have a bad match early on and lose. I also am interested to see how the courts play, because apparently they are super gritty but we'll see about that, there is usually a lot of buzz about the courts well before anyone takes to court.


Really hoping Fed and Rafi get in the same half. Haven't had Fedal in too long
It depends on whether its 1-3, 2-4 upper - lower draw or 1-4, 2-3 upper - lower draw, its probably a 1-3, 2-4 draw so your hope is granted.

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There is no way of knowing for sure, as there were no accurate records at that time. We can only rely on unreliable interpretations of legends and oral history.
He was the moral victor by withdrawing before the tournament, this allowing his good friend fedr to remain #1 for a few more weeks. Very humble of him, no?


Schedule (View On Official Website)
* Qualifying: 5-6 March at 11am
* Main draw: starts Thursday, 7 March; 7-13 March 11am & 6pm, 14 March at 11am & 5pm, 15 March at 11am & 6:30pm
* Singles semi-finals: Saturday, 16 March at 11am
* Doubles final: Saturday, 16 March, fourth match on centre
* Singles final: Sunday, 17 March, not before 3:30pm (after women's singles final)

Honour Roll (Open Era)
Most Titles, Singles
: Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer (5)
Most Titles, Doubles: Guy Forget (5)
Oldest Champion: Roger Federer, 35, in 2017
Youngest Champion: Boris Becker, 19, in 1987
Lowest-Ranked Champion (since 1982): No. 143 Larry Stefanki in 1985
Most Match Wins: Roger Federer (62)

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The time difference is crazy! We're ready to go to work here on the east coast of Australia on Wed 6 Mar, and it's not even afternoon of Tuesday in California?


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Djokovic has this, unless he gets a really unlucky draw. A zoning Krygios, followed by Khach/Zverev could catch him off guard.

Here are my odds:
Djoker 1/1(even money against the field)
Nadal 4/1
Zverev 6/1
Federer 8/1
Kyrgios 12/1
Tsitis 15/1
Cilic 18/1

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Djokovic - Thiem
Zverev - Anderson
Nishikori - Federer
Isner - Nadal

Djokovic opens against a qualifier, Fed opens against Gojowczyk/Seppi, Nadal opens against Donaldson/qualifier.
Nishikori on the opposite half of Djokovic.

That's the most convincing argument against IW 5th slam I've seen.

Kyrgios Djokovic ATP draws are so rigged it's ********.


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Nadal :

R1: Bye

R2: (WC) Donaldson

R3: (25) Schwartzman

R4: (14) Medvedev

QF: (8) Isner

SF: (4) Federer

F: (1) Djokovic