2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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I mean no one can challenge at 38 year old disgusting except for Djokovic he's the only one that doesn't fold against the old man


You see in golf you have to earn your victories you can't fix it so that one man can beat a hundred fifty four other guys but in tennis you always want the main draws to stick around and no one wants to see Fed retire so they going to let him win till he retires


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Roger playing exceptionally well in swirling wind and unpleasant conditions. The TV might not show how windy it is--- bad.

have you guys noticed the Uniqlo sign on roger's polos are getting bigger and bigger.... lol. I think that is a good move. maybe finally Uniqlo is really trying to move Federer items


Jeez so many younger guys with challenging names to spell!

Impressed with Hurkacz's game so far. He seemed a little nervous in the first set.

His movement in particular is what i notice after Annacone specifically mentioned how is movement isnt that great.
Better than Berdych's imo for a comparison of similar height.