2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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Bionic Poster
Fed's athleticism at the net is still great !

Last 2 points, Makes Hubert work and draws the errors.


Federer looks the favorite to win the title, now that Novak is out. To me it is unbelievable how well he is still playing almost 38 years old.

I think this is a new trend in tennis - of old champions. Next thing you know, you might see Novak winning slams and playing well 5-6 years from now.
The GS records are no longer safe with such long careers. I bet Fed is very cognizant of that.


Bionic Poster
Fed really hitting his Fh in that point.
Hubert defending really well. Misses the I/o fh though.

next point,Lobs fed successfully for 2nd time, hmm .


Also Fed looks just as good to this stage as in IW 2017. It's not there yet overall as he has to keep it up to win the title and that's no guarantee, and I'm sure a match vs Nadal can go either way.

But yeah - colour me impressed.

Red Rick

Talk Tennis Guru
What's the last time Fed lost to a tall dude who can't rally well enough on a HC? Does Kokkinakis qualify or do we have to go further back. Seems Fed only potentially struggles vs players who can potentially rally.

The Green Mile

Bionic Poster
Fed's footwork looks better than usual, it's insanely good to watch having just tuned in.

Though maybe it just seems like that after watching a heap other players previously, all in succession.