2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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Bionic Poster
Nadal looking a bit tentative on the backhand side in that first point, not really attacking it as he has been doing.


you know ABC and Larry Ellison want the dream matchup but sorry the 38 year old that is going to be the only one in it and I hope he gets destroyed by catching


When is the Djokovic semi-final? ratha is edgy because she doesn't want to let down Larry Ellison to have the dream final semi-final

Your Hero

Rafa is clearly feeling the fear. The fear of Federer. You can tell he's
going to tank. He wants no part of Mr Wonderful. Unless of course
Mr Wonderful is a cabana boy. I jest...........


Bionic Poster
Nadal got less pop on his balls today, even in neutral rallies - not feeling like KK is bludgeoning the ball either.


Fed's FH is absolutely cooking into the deuce court. That's to Nadal's BH.

Fed's plan is clear.
I don't see Fed's forehand to the deuce court/Nadal's BH to be the key. Nadal is not going to be hitting to Fed's FH. He's going to be hitting to Fed's BH, like he always does. The key for Fed is his 1st serve Pct. If he can serve the way he did against Tsitsipas in Dubai, high 70's % for much of the match, he'll have a good chance against Nadal.