2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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mike danny

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I don't see Fed's forehand to the deuce court/Nadal's BH to be the key. Nadal is not going to be hitting to Fed's FH. He's going to be hitting to Fed's BH, like he always does. The key for Fed is his 1st serve Pct. If he can serve the way he did against Tsitsipas in Dubai, high 70's % for much of the match, he'll have a good chance against Nadal.
I remember Nadal hitting more to Fed's FH in their 2017 Miami final.


Serious question do you think fed has to work out and train harder because she's almost 38 years old then a guy who's 28


Absolutely amazing how well taller players move in recent years.
KK's movement at 6 foot 6 is absolutely no comparison to past players like Todd Martin for example.


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Nadal had set point, but couldn't close the deal. But still, Nadal is 5-0 vs Khachanov and has only lost one set to Karen.


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no, the Nadal backhand is not going to simply fold if you just batter it with repeated predictably heavy balls, better try something else