2019 Indian Wells - ATP Masters 1000 - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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too bad things happening this will probably go three sets and over three hours meaning you'll be tired for the mighty fed tomorrow and also it's delaying watching Djokovic in his double semi-final


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If Fred Gen is about an 8 then I'm hopeful RektGen can be a 6 - it will certainly have no Fed.
Yeah, I'd give Fed's gen an 8. Not a second ATG but a deep pool of potential slam winners.

There's no doubt RektGen will win slams, probably a whole lot of them - someone will have to. Not convinced that any of them are that talented historically speaking.


Nadal is just playing garbage defensive tennis. Even if he gets through this, he will be obliterated by Fed in the SF.
He'll probably won't get any better than the 2017 scoreline.


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Buh-bye, Khach. Your 0-4 record vs Nadal in tiebreaks spells doom, as does your 0-5 record overall.

Fed is going to have his hands full with Nadal tomorrow. Hopefully, the Maestro can squeak by somehow.


do you have any idea what you're talking about?

with a screen name like eloquent, how about you try posting like it!
No need to be insulted, No one is saying KK is the better player, but styles make for matchups. KK is a decent player, I don't think he's there yet but he's got a big serve and Fed has not played him much, where as he has played Nadal a load of times and been successful the last few.

In Miami 2017 Fed had a harder time vs Kyrigios than Nadal largely due to Nick's serve, even in IW and Shanghai there were worse players than Nadal that pushed Fed harder