2019 Indian Wells - WTA Premier Mandatory - General Discussion

Who will gains the title?

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I'd like to see the raising, in-form youngsters battling in the final.... Bencic vs Andreescu. I hope they both make it there.

Bencic is almost a done deal. Andreescu is a question mark still. Svitolina seems to get the job done in this tournament so far.
Apparently this is Bencic's 21st match of the year and it's only March, played just 38 matches all of 2018.

I guess the commentators are including Hopman Cup.
Pliskova meltdown.

Bencic with break point. She's won like 15 of the last 18 points.

Pliskova led 4-0 with break point for 5-0. It's now break point for 4-4.


All these UE from Venus on the tie break were really unnecessary :confused:

Is this really that infamous Asian lady from the Serena vs Clijsters finale in the background judging the lines??????
Well someone’s getting their first Premier Mandatory title:

We’ve got Bencic who has two Premier 5 titles.
Kerber who has 0 Premier+ titles.
Andreescu has no titles at any level.
And Svitolina has 4 Premier 5 titles.

Really cheering for Angie here.