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Who will gains the title?

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I think whoever wins this match will go on to the finals, they have a winnable path.


Brilliant Elina that really was the match of the year so far. Should have wrapped it up in the second but got there in the end.


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I like that big step that Bencic takes to hit the backhand. It looks very efficient somehow.

Edit: and the racket head speed on her double handed backhand also looks quite high.


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Is Osaka Cheap ??????????? She hires Jenkins as coach. We know he is also a great hitting partner but he hasn't proven himself as big time coach yet so he really can't charge that Premium coach fees just yet. and Jenkins telling Osaka just now............" Too Far ????????? Osaka saids, I am too far behind the baseline and Bencic is on the baseline.,, Jenkins acts like ,, Oh yea, that is cause your depth........... So what is he saying,, Hit deeper ??????????? Yea, right easy for him to say. What kind of coaching tip is that ????????


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Ok so Osaka trying her best to hit Deeper as Jenkins told her to do........ but it isn't working, Naomi is just making more errors. So that wasn't a very good coaching tip.,, wasn't it,,, Jarmere


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This is obvious what Osaka needs to work on. She was consistently getting beat on Backhand to Backhand exchanges,, with both Bencic and Collins yesterday. #1 player in the world is getting beat on backhand exchanges consistently against top backhands in the WTA. That is NOT good