2019 JOBTOPGUN Bangkok Open ATP Challenger x Mains & X

Well, today was our lucky day as we were invited to JOBTOPGUN Bangkok Open 2019.

We contacted our people from Wilson Tennis USA and got hold of Wilson Tennis Thailand. We found out that they were the Official Tennis Brand Sponsor of this ATP Challenger event and since we were in the area from our class we would love to come by and run a segment on the stringers.

2 Veteran Master Stringer Mr. WUNG & Mr. WAT FROM Sport Nova Thailand were the official stringer of the event. SUPER HUMBLE AND WELCOMING to us and we want to thank them for an amazing time.

One of the TOP players in the tournament was Tipsarevic and was lucky enough to have his racquet on mount when he came by. IMO better without the beard.

We arrived there around 1PM and got settled in there were about 8 frames behind them and many were done in the bin.

Doubles were on deck at the time and many players picking up.
The questions were pretty standard
Most common Brand: Wilson
Most common String: Luxilon
Most common String pattern: 18x20
Most players from which Nation: Japan
Stringing service pricing: 400baht $12.50
Hours worked per day: 11 hrs
Payment: Cash up front or credit
Stencil: only when asked
How much does a Baiardo cost in Thai Baht:
440,000 baht that $13,750USD we are fortunate that we get it so low.

We have all the stories on instagram if you guys want to watch.

We done one set of racquets for a Russian Player name on the intake was blur or mess but he brought a Blade 98 CV 18x20 matte.
24kg with Solinco Tour Bite 16L 2 piece easy...

Got to thank Wilson Tennis Thailand and the Stringers from Sport Nova Thailand. For letting me jam in and trusting us with your business.