2019 Madrid QF: Federer [4] vs Thiem [5]


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Federer and Del Potro

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Sweat dropping from his furrowed brow, Dominic composes himself and hits a thunderous serve. Roger is caught flat footed, his feeble attempt to stab at the ball for naught as he gets his feet tangled in the mud. The crowd lets out a thunderous roar. He’s done it! Dominic has done it after a 20 minute game 13 deuce game! The Diamond Age has arrived! He has held serve! The dust previously blocking the scoreboard is now coated in iridescent light, illuminating the moment.

Federer 6 4 7 6 5 1

Federer holds serve in 40 seconds and is your 2019 French Open Champion!
Still better writing than GoT season 8

I still like mine better
Who is this AndyM character and why has he not been banished?


Federer is unbelievable. One would never think that he took a break from this surface for 3 years.

Honestly, if Djoko/Nadal bomb out early, Fed is a legit contender for another F.O.


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Every time someone posts a photo of Murray I see Judy, then I see Deliciano, then I don't like living as much.


Honestly I'm not surprised with this start, but we know the real battle will be from the second set onwards, as we've seen at IW and yesterday as well.


it's not like that is playing great team is just joking if team would keep the ball in the f****** court maybe he would win


Early break, good for Fed, but we know there can easily be exchange of multiple breaks on clay. Things looking good early on for Fed though.

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I gave Fedr a 40% chance of winning before this match.

You don't know which Thiem is going to turn up, you can't make him the overwhelming favourite when on his bad days he's capable of losing to journeymen on his favourite surface.