2019 Madrid QF: Federer [4] vs Thiem [5]


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Thiem is all out of sorts here. I believe it is first time on the main court, he has been playing on the slightly slower outside courts. Federer's speed is baffling him.

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The future of tennis is doomed.

Prince of Clay btw


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Somehow Fred will disrupt Tim's groundstrokes and rhythm even more with junkballing - intentional and unintentional - par excellence.

It'll be tight but Fed in 3, with Tim losing it almost as much as Fed winning it.

Federe in 2. Thiem did not return Fognini that well so Fed should be secure on serve.

Peak clayerer on display with 56% points won so far on clay and very impressive 2nd serve and 2nd return numbers show the new backhand is taking to clay like a duck to water.

Different logic, different levels of trolling, same result. Who'll be more right in the end? I'm going to bed pretty confident that Tim will wear his Prince of Clay cape for a set and a half, at least.


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Thiem is spraying all over the place already and Federer is using his serve very well. I hope the match heats up though.


don't worry guys Joker will be able to get the mighty fedserv back into play and once he gets it back into play then he will win


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Even Fed haters have gotta tip their hat here. He's eschewing grinding and showing flair, elegance and aggression on this slow surface. Amazing stuff so far from the old man.


If Fed continues to serve well, he has a very, VERY good chance of taking this match. He's getting too many of Dom's serves back in play.