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Who will gains the title?

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The schedule is all messed up today. They should shuffle the courts to get them all in at reasonable hours otherwise Halep - Pliskova will start after midnight if the other matches go 3 sets.


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Can someone please remind me, why did they change it from the old stadium?
They were refused permission to expand and upgrade the facilities at Crandon Park because of local by-laws so they made the decision to move the event to the more spacious Hard Rock Stadium.
Really, really hope Ash wins the title. Should be a great match against Halep or Pliskova.

Ash beat Halep in there last match in Sydney. Pliskova however beat her in their last match which was at the US open
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And KP has finally won.
Wow, what happened? I thought that it was well after 10:30pm (Miami time) when I discovered that play had been suspended (after the 1st 6 games). Did it really end after 1am in the friggin' morning?

And what happened to Simona? Heard that they exchanged breaks in the 1st 6 games but, from the stats I posted earlier, it appeared that Simona was outplaying Karolina for the most part.