2019 Nitto ATP Finals - WTF - The O2, London

Who wins the 2019 ATP Finals?

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So having just beaten Tsitsipas in Basel, Fed is probably the favourite in this match - but Tsitsipas will have his chances, I imagine.

I hope Roger doesn't have a letdown after the high of beating Djokovic though, and comes out focused.

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watching doubles ---- all four players using Babolats -lol. 3 of them the Nadal one

this racquet is really everywhere?


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WTF SF is a huge match for Thiem. If he wins, he will get rank #4 again.
That'll be important at Australian Open seeding, cause then avoidance of BIG-3 until semifinals is guaranteed.

Today Zverev is playing in Med's favour as well.

Thiem lose:
4. Medvedev 5705
5. Thiem 5425
Thiem win:
4. Thiem 5825 (6325 if wins on Sunday)
5. Medvedev 5705


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